The Neon Sneaker, Nike

The Neon Sneaker, Nike

Let’s just break it down right now. Sneakers are back. Neon is back too, thankfully without the 90s connotations of spandex and bike shorts. The two have combined to create one of the strongest trends sweeping the streets—neon sneakers. We are not talking about the wedge sneakers here, they do not exist to me. Punchy kicks do though, and fashion is all the better for it. In fact, my job is all the better for it.

Without a car service, shooting street style means walking, running, walking, sitting, walking, and hopping into weird awkward places and positions to get a shot. You’re on your feet all day long without respite. To the photog girls who do it in six-inch stilettos I doff my hat to you, I wish I could, but I can’t.

I traipse around in my chucks, or my oxfords, or my other oxfords and try to look as presentable as I can. This coming season I’m going to be running with the neons though.

To sneak or not to sneak?

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  • sandra

    hi dear, could you tell me the name of these nikes?

    thanks sandra

  • textstyles

    Hi Sandra, I’m sorry truly have no idea. This shot was taken last spring/summer, but I can tell you that they were mens.
    hope that helps.

  • sandra

    thank you! i will try to find them….

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