Street Style: Menswear, The Brothers Singh

Street Style: Menswear, The Brothers Singh

How can you not fall in love with these two? Story of my life, I was running around the city chasing after a few projects and ended up on Queen West when I spotted these two cycling past me. My camera was at the bottom of my bucket bag and they were riding at quite a gait. My heart fell, “I’ll never catch up to them now!” But they stopped! As they chained their bikes together I went screaming across the street. The usual, “Can I…” But, I couldn’t finish my sentence because the boys were all, “Yeah, we get this all the time!” Duh.

Meet Jagmeet (left) and Gurratan Singh, and girls aren’t they dreamy? Clearly adhering to their religious dress code but modernizing it with their choices of garments: so clean, minimal, tidy and très sexy. Sartorially the baby daggers made for quite the sharp look.*

So boys, don’t tell me I never post menswear. Take notes from these guys because head-to-toe they are impeccable.

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*The dagger, is called a Kirpan, and Sikhs must have it on their body, every day. In Western culture this wearing of arms has raised many questions.

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  • Ché ‘Rob’ Waithe

    My Friends!!!

  • sarah

    hot stuff

  • GG

    Love this!!!

  • Hanna zimmerman

    Are they terorists and why the hell do they need to carry weapons in toronto? Toronto is a safe city, and it needs to stay it that way

  • Textstyles

    Hanna, I really don’t know what to say here. Read the text. The Kirpan is a religious marker, not a weapon. Yes, Toronto is a safe city.

  • NIchole

    These are sikhs. They look awesome. Get some common sense in your life before you open your mouth.

  • Pepper

    Hanna, why would you think they are terrorists? Such a strange thing to say…

  • Chanpreet Kaur

    I was wondering if anybody had any information regarding where these kirpans can be purchased. I have tried looking at a lot of places but unfortunately I am in able to find them. Thank you