Paul Hardy’s 10th Anniversary in Calgary

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Paul Hardy’s 10th Anniversary in Calgary

Not this past weekend, but that before it, a few Torontonians jumped onto WestJet flights to go fête Paul Hardy’s 10th Anniversary in Calgary, Alberta. I’d previously never been West of Ontario. So, needless to say I was really happy that I had the opportunity to venture out that way. Paul Hardy stepped out of the limelight temporarily to focus on his business and so the chance to see what this designer was up to piqued my interest.

After a beautiful lunch at the River Cafe I watched the (my) first snowfall this season. We ate and drank and drank. Then were set out into Calgary for a few hours of exploration. To Holt Renfrew’s we went. The store is beyond! Just to die for.

Then quick wardrobe change and onto a VIP cocktail hour hosted by Brett Wilson, formerly of Dragon’s Den, to celebrate Paul Hardy Designs and all that is chic and delicious in Calgary. The people watching was fantastic. It’s always wonderful to be dropped into a new city and have a chance to watch the natives. The Calgarians, aside from being so extremely gracious warm and friendly, the dress was so colourful. There were a group of Torontonians, myself included, who ended up sticking out in our all black ensembles, boring big city girls.

Paul Hardy’s s/s 2013 collection was titled Breaking Amish. Yes, the little mormon girl who runs away from the oppression of polygamy to find herself in the bright lights. Hardy who is known for his combination of clothing and music, his first show ever was famously silent, paired his clothes with the musical accompaniment of Paul Brandt, Greg Sczebel, Peter Barbee of Among Savages, alongside members of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

The show was broken up into 8 parts, chronicling the young girl’s movement from country to city. Her exploration of leather, lace, and sheer garments. To her acceptance of where she came from and love for where she is. The show truly was wonderful. Click through the slideshow to see my favourite moments in Paul Hardy’s Breaking Amish collection.

An enormous thank you to Calgary Tourism, Alberta Tourism, Paul Hardy and Hotel Arts. I’m looking forward to further exploring Calgary and all it has to offer!

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