Favourite: Garance Doré

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Favourite: Garance Doré

“Have you ever met her?” I’m asked that all the time because for the past few years I’ve worked around Garance Doré. We’ve exchanged hellos, the polite street stylers do acknowledge one another, but had I ever met her, met her, like spoken to her? No. I had the chance to, albeit ever so shortly, last week in Montréal for the Fashion & Design Festival.

Having started my blog a few years after Garance and very timidly (at the beginning) trying my hand at street style. First at home in Toronto, then New York and slowly but surely getting to the international shows. I’ve discussed being on the fashion circuit and working amidst the hordes of street style photographers. But there was always something about Garance, she was different. Maybe it’s the classe française, or that you can’t run much in heels really. Never snarky or snippy, and always polite readily stopping for photos. She just seemed like someone you wanted to have a coffee with—a real girl’s girl.

blogger, photographer, montréal, sensations, fmd, garance doré

Garance became a power blogger and quickly an insider with her wit, charm and candour. Not often do women working in fashion discuss what it is actually like to work in fashion. The inane questions we constantly ask ourselves, the stupid diets, the obsession with hemlines. Following her blog you feel like you really know her.

It’s not very often that I’m star struck, having grown up with two parents in the film industry and pursuing a career in fashion I’ve met a lot of “stars”. They’re normal people and are always much shorter than you expect. Only once have I been teen fan girl stupidly cross eyed star struck and that was on the rooftop of the Soho in New York when I saw Busta Rhymes and Q Tip. I tell you this because meeting Garance felt as close to that as I’ve ever gotten.

I got all fan girl faced with meeting Garance. I had butterflies and the thought of talking with someone I looked up to in a real way made me so nervous. She was just as charming as one could imagine and then the funniest thing happened, she said she recognized me. Super next level amazing!

When things go wrong, and they most always do, you have to persevere. Being freelance you need to tell yourself this on an hourly basis most days. I feel strongly that Garance is a testament to hard work and being nice to people. Merci for the reminder!

Have you ever been silly fan-girl star struck before? Let me know about it in the comments below!

Thank you to Tourisme Montréal for hosting me at the Vogue Hotel.

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