Style: Far & Wide Collective

Style: Far & Wide Collective

Lazy days in the sun, when your wisdom teeth have just been pulled (for real), with a good book and lovely company—you gotta get it while it’s hot! I was so excited to break in my tablecloth-cum-picnic blanket from Far & Wide Collective. The colours make me so happy and knowing that it came directly from artisans in Pakistan make me feel even sunnier.

I was invited to shop the Far & Wide Collective site and see what I like. Immediately I loved the FAWC aesthetic: bright, colourful and beautifully edited. When I dug a little deeper and saw that every piece was imported directly from artisans the globe over, no middle men, no factories, every piece made by hand, I was even more impressed. It’s like going on a wonderful buying excursion the globe over from your couch. Not to mention you can feel good about these purchases knowing that you’re paying those who made the pieces, forthrightly.

From the housewares, to the art pieces and the gorgeous accessories, you’ll be lost in this market. Lately, I strive for original pieces that fit into my life, and make times spent with family and friends that much more beautiful.

Thank you to Far & Wide Collective for gifting the beautiful tablecloth.

Bon Appétit!

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