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This is my blog, Textstyles.ca launched in 2008. My name’s Stefania Yarhi and I’m a writer/photographer, oh yeah, and blogger. So let me tell you how this whole thing got started.

Fashion and the arts were always my beat. I toyed with being a painter, but a literature degree won out.

I went to school, interned at a publishing company and was hired soon as I put the pen down on my last University exam. I was as an Editorial Assistant on a great team working on a cool project. I had already started following The Sartorialist, duh, and through that found other street style sites that I loved. I thought, “I could do that.” I looked and looked, but couldn’t find anything in Toronto, my hometown, that I liked. So began Textstyles.

At the time, I didn’t have a camera so I borrowed a friend’s. I started shooting at parties and around my favourite neighbourhoods. Just snapping everything/anyone that caught my eye. I liked it. People started responding, the phone started ringing and I realized that this passion project was turning into something real. Blogging was my in to an industry that I’d followed (and been daunted by) for years.

Textstyles is about showcasing what makes me wake up in the morning, what I’m working on, what I dig. Whether it’s New York Fashion Week, or a beach on the coast of Italy it’s all part and parcel of what you find here.

Now, in its fourth year, after a major facelift and some better equipment, Textstyles has morphed into something I never knew it could be. My adventures in fashion. One that I hope you’ll join me on.

Everything written and photographed on Textstyles.ca is the work of moi, unless I tell you otherwise. If you like what you see call, email, or send me smoke signals.




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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001023288018 Puneet Chhibber

    can i lv u?
    u r so sweet

  • http://textstyles.wpengine.com Stefania Yarhi

    I don’t know what you’re saying, but you’re so sweet!


  • http://twitter.com/NoellySam Noëlly Sam

    Will be sending smoke signals. :)

  • Eimear oreilly

    Hi Stefania,

    I’m loving your blog.
    Just started following you as I’m moving to Canada for a year and trying to familirise myself with Canada’s fashion world.

    I’m an aspiring fashion stylist hoping to reside in either Vancouver/toronto? wherever fashion takes me.

    just wondering if you’ have any advice for me for when I get there?
    Like where to pull clothes, fashion jobs, best places to live etc. I like to be
    prepared.  I’d really appreciate any advice.

    Hope you can help! Thank you.

    my email is eimearo-reilly@live.ie

    Eimear xxx

  • http://profiles.google.com/sandybmedia Sandy Braz

    Great content Stefania. Love that there’s a Toronto-feel to most of it, too. You’re right… it’s been lacking in our city!

  • http://twitter.com/un_ruli Sanchia S.

    I just discovered this and am SO proud & happy to find you’re from Toronto!

  • mahasti

    I just found out about your Blog Stefania. Great Job!! … And I love the name. Clever. Bonne Continuation. xo Mahasti

  • http://textstyles.wpengine.com Stefania Yarhi

    thank you so much, je vous en prie! gros bisous x

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